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Undique Terms & Conditions

Last modified: Nov 11, 2021

All Users

Undique provides a personalised subscription service that permits our members to access a spread of services ("Undique content") aimed to assist the candidates with their job search and career improvement, and the Employers with various services associated with recruiting personnel interested in remote work, telework, and smart working. These Terms of Use govern your use of our service. As used in these Terms of Use, "Undique service", "our service" or "the service" means the personalized service provided by Undique for discovering Undique content, including all features and functionalities, recommendations and reviews, the website as well as all content and software associated with our service.


Candidates agree to use all resources on Undique website just for personal, individual non-commercial use and agree to not share, sell, distribute or disclose to any third party or on any other website any content, which includes job listings.

Employers ​

Employers must be legitimate, have a well-established and positive reputation, and be hiring for jobs that offer some kind of remote, work from home, telework, and smart work options with main hours of work being carried during the European Daylight Time Zone. Europe's four Main Time Zones taken into consideration are: Western European Time (WET), Central European Time (CET), Eastern European Time (EET), and Further-Eastern European Time (FET). An Employer that does not satisfy our guidelines, particularly if there is questionable or scam-related behavior, will not be (or continue to be) approved for posting job vacancies on Undique website. Employer accounts can only be created by the appropriate HR Manager, and/or Executive Manager, and/or Recruiter from within and approved by the Employer organization. Independent Representatives are not permitted to post jobs on behalf of an Employer organization unless they are able to demonstrate that they have written permission to do so. When posting jobs or contacting candidates, Employers must be hiring for current employment opportunities that include a work from home, remote work, telework, and smart work option with a fair amount of work hours overlapping daylight European time zone. Employers are unquestionably restricted from soliciting possibly invasive personal or financial information from candidates as part of the job application process, such as credit card or bank account numbers. Business opportunities, including any job requiring investment or payment to get started, are not permitted on Undique. Commission-Only jobs are not permitted to be posted on Undique website. Undique reserves the right to discontinue at our discretion any accounts that violate (both obviously or even just the intentions of) our terms of use, misuse our service in any way, and/or are not in keeping with the mission of our service.

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